Keeping yourself healthy is very crucial. The best way to stay healthy, aside given yourself sufficient rest and proper nutrition, is being fit. Being fit has some good benefits for the body. It helps prevent some diseases, reduces body fat, increases muscular strength and body flexibility. The regular exercise routine has proven to be the best and the most effective way to achieve body fitness. However, with the pandemic outbreak that erupted this year, gym and other establishments, where you could carry out these exercises have all been closed down. Thanks to technological advancement, there are different kinds of health and fitness tech gadgets. These gadgets perform different functions and have made it easier to attain body fitness. Also, keep track of our fitness level. The choice of which to get or use solely depends on your needs.

However, we’ve painstakingly saved you the stress by putting together the top best health and fitness tech gadgets in 2020 and stating some of their uses. Keep reading to find out which of these health and fitness tech gadgets is best suited for your needs.

The Best Health and Fitness Tech Gadgets 2020

Freetrain V1 Vest

health-and-fitness-gadgets-of-2020If you are in the category of people who love running and listening to music on their phone, this gadget is for you. With this running vest, you don’t have to totally stop your run to identify who your caller is or change a song, and you do these things with ease. Freetrain V1 Vest is made of lightweight, breathable material and an elastic band. Which made it safe and comfortable to use. It has a front pocket that provides you easy access to your phone with holes at the bottom for the wired earpiece and other small compartments for small things like keys, money etc.   


Pulseroll Plus


The pain and discomfort that comes after an intense fitness session is something conventional to fitness enthusiasts. This after-workout pain is usually as a result of stretching or knots in connective tissues and muscles. With Pulseroll Plus, you can get rid of this pain. Pulseroll Plus is a vibrating foam roller that helps stimulate myofascial release to relieve pain by keeping the muscles loose and increasing blood flow. It’s lightweight and rechargeable attribute makes it the most preferred among some of the most well-known athletes on the planet.

Kettlebell Connect

health-and-fitness-tech-gadgets-2020Kettlebell connect is a six in one adjustable smart kettlebell that allows users to add or drop weight with just clicks. This gadget provides you with weight options in the range of 12 to 42 pounds to make sure it keeps up with your fitness level. Kettlebell connect has a compact design that allows you to workout anywhere. It comes with an App that will enable you to keep track of your exercise and repetition. It also allows you to create a group workout session with your friends to make working out fun.

Fitbit Versa 2

health-and-tech-gadgets-2020Fitbit Versa 2 is a fitness tracker that shows less is more with its lightweight and smooth design. This beautiful smartwatch lets you track practically everything, from calorie burn,  quality of sleep, heart rate, and hydration levels. Fitbit Versa 2 offers calls, text, and calendar notifications. It is waterproof so you could use it while having your shower or even when swimming, and provide you with ways to control your smart home device.



PowerDot Electrical Muscle Stimulator

gadgets-2020Although soreness is an inevitable part of working out, it could lead to serious injuries if not given proper care and attention. PowerDot is a lightweight and portable electric muscle stimulator that provides treatment for your aching joints and tired muscles. It comes with an app with a user-friendly interface that leads users through every step of the application process, helping them to fully utilize the device.  This fitness gadget helps athletes and fitness fanatics recover quickly and avoid persistent injuries when regularly used.


Moov Now

technology-2020It is more like a personal trainer on your wrist that keeps track of your exercise data, rather than your general activity. It comes with a smartphone app that contains information that will attract both novice and dedicated fitness enthusiasts. The app has a comprehensive list of workouts. Moov Now also provides its users with essential personal data recorded to make sure that they get the most out of their exercises.





Nurvv Run

health-and-fitness-tech-gadgets-2020Having a proper running technique is essential for beginners and even experienced runners. It helps enhance your speed and reduces the likelihood of injury. Nurvv Run is an advanced technological gadget that uses biomechanics to collect data on your step length, foot strike, pronation, and unevenness from their unique insole solution. Also, their coaching app examines the data and gives you helpful tips on how to balance your training load.


Withings Body Wifi Smart scale

gadgets-2020Keeping a healthy weight is vital for overall health. It helps lower the risk of developing serious health issues. Withings Body Wi-fi smart scale doesn’t just measure your body weight but also measures your body BMI. Taking your body weight with Withings Body, Wi-fi Smart scale will help you focus on your health goals. It insight you on things to do and how to go about your exercise to attain body fitness. This health gadget lets you track body weight and BMI through useful charts. Also, it synchronizes with your other fitness gadgets such as an Apple Watch. Isn’t it great? 


The relevance of body fitness has prompted the increase in demand for health fitness gadgets. What could we have done without the technological advancement which has provided us with different kinds of health fitness gadget? The availability of different kinds of fitness tech gadgets makes it possible and easy to attain our health goals.

With the right fitness tech gadget in place, together with discipline and perseverance, attaining a healthy and happy lifestyle is possible. Fitness gadgets will continue to provide us answer to our daily fitness problems

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