Black Fungus: Causes, Treatments, And Prevention

What is a Black Fungus?

Black fungus is commonly known as black mold, and it causes major health issues. Most of the commonly used household products and medicines have black fungus as their main ingredient. The worst part is that the bacteria causing the black mold is also all around us in abundance, meaning that there is no way that the consumer can detect the presence of black mold. The deadly fungus can grow anywhere in the human body, from the lungs to the blood to the heart and even the brain. Some of the symptoms of this life-threatening infection include Paralysis Vomiting blood Blurred vision Sores that are not healing Rashes, Mouth ulcers, Nausea, Dehydration. Dry mouth and Death can occur in less than a week if left untreated.

Causes of Black Fungus

One of the different causes of black fungus is Gravity-induced drowning. Gravity-induced drowning may lead to black fungal infection. It is caused when water, which you may have put in your body before, gets washed down to your skin and infects it. This infection starts with minor red spots on the skin. Over time it gets more severe and black spots appear. Water drowning or drowning while swimming or snorkeling leads to fungal growth in the mouth and face. The swelling of the mouth is seen first. However, it causes severe mouth ulcers. The swellings of boils and infection at the site of the boil are caused by fungi. These are superficial skin infections, which are the most common reason for this black fungal infection such as Cuts and abrasions.

Treatment for Black Fungus

There is no specific treatment for black fungus and antibiotics do not work. So, doctors try to make things better with surgery. Surgery is carried out in people with kidney problems or recurrent infections. The infection seems to recur in some patients. In some cases, it spreads through the body after surgery. However, successful surgery does not affect whether the infection spreads and whether it is persistent. Surgery may also help if some of the skin at the site of the wound heals. Other causes of these infections are caused by fungi that are not so dangerous. A doctor might test for the fungus when an infection occurs. This way, they can get a more accurate diagnosis and determine what type of fungus caused the infection.

Prevention of Black Fungus

It is very important to prevent black fungus. Healthy skin is very important to maintain a healthy body. So, daily sunscreen application is recommended in daily skincare. Always wear sunscreen, especially if you are outside in the sun. In addition to wearing sunscreen, it is essential to eat a balanced diet and try to stay hydrated. Black fungus infection can be prevented by regular skincare. If you get it, then it is recommended to see a dermatologist for proper treatment. Fungus is caused due to conditions of the skin and the environment. The main causes of black fungus infection are Genetics: If a person is genetically predisposed, then there is a higher possibility of getting black fungus infection.


There are hundreds of symptoms that should not be ignored, that are evident after getting bitten by a black mushroom, or if you have an affected family member. And the latest research shows that there are almost 1000 different diseases that are connected with black mold. 

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