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Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Clothes?

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Can mosquitoes bite through clothes?

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest insects living on this planet. They kill millions of people around the world every year. Mosquitoes bite not bring unwanted itching but also transmit various viruses, parasites, worms, and fatal diseases such as malaria, chikungunya, dengue, and many more. The most vulnerable groups are children and pregnant women. Fetuses may get highly infectious diseases due to mosquitoes bite. Many deadly diseases are not limited to people but can spread to birds and animals through mosquitoes bite.

Only female mosquitoes bite to make their eggs; male mosquitoes do not bite. Male mosquito proboscis is not that strong to pierce the human skin. National data shows that no insect bite kills more human beings or makes many of us sick. Therefore, you must have quality preventive measures to prevent any severe health diseases.

Wearing impenetrable clothing can eliminate several diseases you can get from mosquito bites. Some fabrics, including denim, velvet, nylon ripstop, etc., can help you prevent mosquitoes bite. Whereas fabrics, namely gauze, and voile, offer the least protection and polyester, silk-cotton offer adequate protection against mosquitoes’ bite.

Additionally, some practical preventive measures have been discussed in this article. We will discuss the topic ‘can mosquitoes bite through clothes’ in detail in the upcoming sections.

How can mosquitoes bite through clothes?

Generally, mosquitoes actively look for naked skin than clothes. Therefore, they can bite through your fabrics if they do not find the skin to suck your blood. In addition, if you have worn tight or thin fabrics, it will be easier for mosquitoes to penetrate your materials for a bite.

Firstly, a female mosquito digs her proboscis into our skin. Next, a female mosquito uses a proboscis containing six needles to complete the entire process from bite to transmitting a parasite or a virus in our blood. Two of the six needles have very sharp, tiny teeth that look within the skin. These are so sharp and tiny that we can hardly feel her pushing inside our skin. The other two needles hold the tissues of the skin (blood vessels) while she works.

After that, receptors on the tip of her other needle get on chemicals that our veins (blood vessels) typically radiate and guide her to it. Next, this same needle works like a straw to suck the blood. As her gut fills up, she isolates water from the blood and expels it. Eventually, with the remaining needle, she leaves a chemical that gives us an itching afterward. Sometimes, she can leave a deadly virus, worm, or parasite present in her saliva before she pries herself away.

Clothing factors that encourage mosquitoes bite

  1. Thickness and shape of clothes: The tight clothes that contain penetrable fibers can invite mosquito bite. Mosquitoes can easily bite through thin fabrics that do not provide medium or strong protection. Therefore, you should cover the skin areas mosquitoes commonly bite, such as the ankle, arms, etc.
  2. Color of clothes: Mosquitoes are generally attracted to dark colors rather than light colors. The science behind the colors is that dark colors absorb more heat than light colors, namely black, brown, dark blue, and many more. Your body’s heat-producing sweat attracts mosquitoes. It’s safe to avoid dark colors and prefer light colors.
  3. Heavily scented perfumes: Mosquitoes get attracted to heavily scented perfumed individuals. In addition, applying heavily scented lotions or related skin products on your body can easily attract mosquitoes. It’s the best idea to avoid using these types of products or substances.

Tips to avoid mosquitoes bites

  • Try wearing loose clothes as mosquitoes may not be able to contact skin to bite. Tight clothing, including a bad quality fabric, may allow them to bite you. Thus, the shape of clothes should be kept in mind for the expected results.
  • Always cover up your skin to prevent mosquitoes bite because mosquitoes preferably look for uncovered skin for a leisurely bite.
  • Wear good-quality fabrics, namely denim, velvet, and nylon ripstop—these fabrics are the best protection against mosquitoes bite. You can choose any materials which you would like to wear.
  • Do not use heavily scented perfumes or related body care products, as these products may invite female mosquitoes easily.
  • It’s a very safe option that you should avoid going outside when mosquitoes are most active (evening, night, and early morning). If it is necessary to step out, you must follow the points mentioned earlier for your safety.
  • Use good-quality mosquito repellents as a quality preventive measure against mosquitoes bite. It’s a good idea if you can apply mosquito repellents over sunscreen for the best efficacy. Additionally, strictly follow the products’ instructions before using them on your skin. These products can irritate the eyes and other sensitive areas; therefore, apply these products with precautions for maximum safety.
  • It’s a good idea to wear pants than shorts or related clothing that leaves your skin uncovered.
  • Contact a skin specialist or pharmacist if you need further assistance in choosing safe skin products to prevent mosquito bites.

In conclusion, a mosquito bites can be fatal if they carry deadly diseases in their saliva or gut secretions. Therefore, mosquitoes bite should be prevented at ant cost to prevent highly infectious and life-threatening diseases. Nevertheless, earlier discussed, quality preventive measures can help you to prevent mosquitoes bite. You can wear good-quality, light-colored and loose clothes to prevent their bites. Moreover, using mosquito repellent can keep them at bay. 

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