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Education First: A Master Key to Success

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Education is a Never-ending Process

Education is a vast scope indeed, for as long as man continues to live. Man will continue to learn until his dying day. It is a day-to-day activity, a lifestyle, and even a means of livelihood.

“Education is everything,” is a statement that is more true than false but debatable, and whichever one you choose, you are right. It is just a matter of perspective and the angle you are coming from.

Life to the Mind, Body, and Soul

I will not be guilty of being completely out of place if I say learning is the breeder of human resources. Education is what reinforces our being, our existence. It gives us a sense of purpose and direction.

Education is beyond the academic environment where we take various pre-planned information that is believed to positively develop the human brain and continuous development.

The Embodiment of Learning and Development

One can only try but cannot discuss education without terminologies like reading, writing, learning, school, coaching, etc. We will not bug you with too much of their substances at this very time, but we’ll be giving them a titbit of what you need to know and probably more.


When we use our cognitive sense to bring out the meaning from an alphabet, symbol, letters, and punctuation or a collection of them, we can boldly say that reading has taken place. We read to get knowledge of what the writer has coded in plain text.


On the other hand, writing is the reverse of reading as it involves the conversion of knowledge, information, idea, or facts into characters that vary from one language to another. The purpose of writing is to convert a message or message into a coded format.

Teaching and Learning

A school is a place where teaching and learning are strictly perceived to be taking place. It is not a wrong notion, but someone can also learn or teach in an area that cannot be termed as a school. Say, for instance, in religious houses; we learn to worship our various deities there, which is also considered a learning process.


Coaching is more of a specific form of teaching than general. Unlike teaching which has no limit to the number of people who take it, coaching is usually organized for a more limited person or person. It is mostly to learn a skill. As a difference between teaching and coaching, we have a teacher or tutor for somebody who teaches and a coach for someone who coaches.

Learning and Unlearning: The Two Faces of Education

As we continue to live day-in-day-out, we experience development, whether consciously or subconsciously. The things we can do no longer remain the same as a result of the things we learn. The learning process is reversible; i.e., we can learn and unlearn.

A small baby learns to speak, sit, crawl, walk and run when growing up and unlearns the act of messing himself/herself up with faces, crying over petty things, and being involved in unhealthy plays as they grow up.

Our Education, Our Responsibility

The education of every group of individuals in a particular geographical location is a collective effort of the populace. No society will record any remarkable development if its inhabitants are grossly illiterate.

The young and the old both have a role to play in the learning of the people in a particular location. The old share their knowledge gathered from experience with the younger generation. In comparison, the younger generation seizes the opportunity of harnessing the existing knowledge and furthering their research to bring about more discoveries.

When, How, and Where it Began

Education is as old as man himself and older than civilization. The ancient men were involved in some activities like searching for food and shelter. So, they must have either inherited or developed the ability to do so from creatures that preceded them because something cannot come out of anything.

But the history of education cannot be traced or linked to anything as a starting point. Learning can be compared to the age-old debates about how the world came to be, and most of them could not be proven.

Education Beyond the Supernatural

There’s no way we could end this article on education without talking about the supernatural and metaphysical. As we may well know, education is beyond what we can see and touch. It is, more often than not, what we can know, what we cannot know, and what we feel.

Education is not only liable for what we become here on earth; it goes further to shape the beliefs of our supernatural beings and faith. For those who believe and worship—different religions with different rules of engagement and instruments of teaching and learning.

You require education to know about your supreme being. Then declare your total submission and back it up with action following the predefined ethics and etiquette.

Allude that you’re educating yourself, whether to know something new or affirm or refute what you already know. And that my friend, is the universal truth that education is indispensable and irreplaceable.

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